Stepping Stone Transformational Apartments

My Father’s House provides essential needs to homeless families, enabling them to stay together while learning new skills to become stable and secure before they move into permanent housing of their own. Over the past few years, we have seen increasing challenges for parents and their children in finding affordable housing to move to self-sufficient independent living. That’s why My Father’s House now provides affordable apartment housing for families with housing barriers.  Longer term accountability and additional education allows them to develop their employment opportunities as well as credit and rental history. Only families that are successful in completing the program at the main shelter will be eligible for residency in the Stepping Stone Apartments.

The Stepping Stone Apartments consist of 12 apartment units built right next door to our current shelter. We opened the transitional housing in March 2016 and have 12 families in this program.  Families who live at SSA have rental barriers that are not easy to overcome.  Barriers such as evictions, felonies, property debt and low income (even though they have a job).  Families continue working and pay a program fee to live here.  Each family is required to continue with our educational program as well as case management.  The program length is one year.

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